Ant-Corruption Chpt 4.7 Gifts

It is very common to give gifts in events around the world and gifts can take many forms. It can include souvenirs, hospitality, travel costs, donations, memberships and the very common one of tickets to the event itself. From concerts to festivals to conferences, gifts are used to enhance the event, the experience and the memory. The distinction between an innocent gift and a bribe is about the intention. Even this is not at all clear as the intention is not obvious. Often the corrupt gift giver uses this ambiguity to deny it is a bribe.   

Here it should be emphasized that there are two parties, the giver of the gift and the receiver. With private events such as weddings, gifts are expected. With many events tipping can be construed as a gift. With public events it is the value of the gift that is used to evaluate if it is a corrupt practice. 

The general advice such as from the ISO 37001 is to steer clear of gifts that can be misconstrued as bribes even if both parties are well intentioned. Larger events and annual events may have a clear written policy on gifts. It may include criteria such as the market value of gifts that can be given or accepted, the need to report all gifts immediately, seek approval in advance or accepting or giving gifts

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  1. Bill

    Do you have stories of gifts at events? Let me know. All the stories will help make the events far more honest and fair


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