Anti-Corruption Chpt 10 Governance

The United Nations Convention against Corruption’s recommendations on the governance of major events are:

  • Accountable structure for the event team management of the event.
  • Clear decision making processes.
  • An external over sight body. This can be adapted to events to have a member of the team responsible for emerging risks that include instances of corruption.
  • Policies that reflect the legal and best practices of the industry and region.

In this chapter I will be combining project management governance with the general recommendations of the numerous anti-corruption documents from the United Nations down to the local level.

2 thoughts on “Anti-Corruption Chpt 10 Governance

  1. Bill

    An example of corruption at the level of governance: the director of a public event is given expensive gifts, supposedly for the event, but keeps the gifts for themselves. This can be hidden as it is not always clear who is the recipient of the gift.

  2. Bill

    Supposed charities and good causes can often disguise corruption. The event, in this case sold tickets to the audience for a good cause. There was no follow up as to where the funds went.


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