Anti-Corruption Chpt 4.1 Bribery

Bribery creates distrust, higher expenses and extortion

When a member of the event team or volunteer accepts a bribe it opens them to extortion. The first bribe leads to other bribes which then compromises the staff member who is extorted. Hence a simple small payment can be leveraged to a major criminal act. To illustrate this. At a festival, the parking volunteer is slipped an undercover payment to allow a member of the pubic to park their car, just for 10 minutes. The next day the person asks again for that space, The volunteer parking attendant refuses, so the person ups the amount.  The volunteer agrees. The next day, the same situation, but the volunteer refuses. The person then threatens to tell the event organises that the volunteer is accepting bribes. This time the volunteer agrees. This is called grooming and the event team and volunteers must understand that a bribe is not a stand alone occurrence, it may rapidly lead far far worse situations. 

One thought on “Anti-Corruption Chpt 4.1 Bribery

  1. Bill

    There are many degrees of bribery. But even petty bribery can diminish the trust in the event, from the audience , staff and sponsors. Do you have example of this at events or with the planning. Let me know and we can tell the world and help reduce this pernicious virus.


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