Anti-Corruption Chpt 4.6 Fraud

“It is an opportunistic infection that bursts forth when greed meets the possibility of deception.” P12 Forensic Accounting and Fraud  Investigation, Howard Silverstone,

Story from the U.S. Department of Justice

Two entrepreneurs convinced an investor to hand over a million and a half dollars to produce a music festival that they knew would never happen. “Morris and Kelly created several false and fraudulent concert performance contracts forging the signatures of the music recording artists. Morris also created false and fraudulent email accounts that he used to pose as if the music recording artists themselves had sent the signed contracts to Kelly and himself. Additionally, during a video call with the victim, Morris and Kelly had an accomplice pose as J.B. to trick the victim into believing that J.B. had agreed to perform at the concert series.”

2 thoughts on “Anti-Corruption Chpt 4.6 Fraud

  1. Bill

    There are many kinds of fraud. Often they are specific to the type of event. If you have examples, put them here. You don’t have to identify the event or place or time. Every story will help the event sector become more fair and honest.

  2. Bill

    Once case of corruption involved a sub-contracted security company that provided false time sheets to the main contractor, who then passed these on to the client for payment. Also involved in this case was the bribing of an employee of the client in charge of security and a fault found in the client’s procurement system.


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