Here is a sample of organisations that have sent their staff for training or engaged us for in-house event, project and risk management training:

A more comprehensive list of over 1000  is here.

and on this page are samples of courses and workshop topics for you and your company.

Here is a sample of a quick competency test  (pdf)- to test your teams skills and knowledge.

UN in Entebbe

United Nations in Entebbe and Khartoum. Training their staff in the delivery of events.

european commission

European Commission and the Aqaba Development Authority, Jordan


joburg dev agency joburgorg_headerJohannesburg Development Agency





Deloitte Tounew_deloitte_logoche for the Islamic Developmnent Bank in Jeddah


In summary, the following industries have sent their staff for training: Hospitals, Banks, Mining Companies, Hotels, Pharmaceutical, Associations, Councils, Software companies, Government agencies, Government Departments,  Universities and Colleges, Sporting groups, Manufacturing, Retail, Marketing, Consultancies, Tourism, Utilities, Maritime ……..