Anti-Corruption Chpt 2 Events

Why are events prone to corruption?

  • Huge money involved: millions at least.
  • Occur around the world in every industry sector, cross borders, touring events.
  • Variety of sources of money: royalties, tickets, merchandise, sponsorship, sale of assets…
  • Often there is a new configuration of suppliers, venues and laws.
  • Local procedures are made for administration management not time critical project management.
  • Different cultures: some have corruption as part of everyday life.
  • Difficult environment,  time dependent decisions, last minute changes characterize by complexity and uncertainty.
  • Temporary workforce often with rapid expansion of numbers,  inadequate training and use of volunteers not screened.
  • The event is temporary. Once it has finished any proof of corruption is difficult to find.

It should be stressed that the event, such as a concert or festival, is where the value is created. If the event is cancelled i.e.  does not go ahead, then the work leading up to the events becomes a cost. Hence every aspect of the lead up to the event is evaluated with this in mind. In simple project management terms, the decisions are always:  time /cost/quality. But the time for the event is a strict deadline. Hence any prevention of corruption strategy must be highly efficient. For events that are special or one off, there is no time for correction. By this I mean a yearly event such as a local festival can incrementally correct itself each year. Their anti-corruption policy can improve. It can be tested and refined. Other events such as special events and touring events must have preventive polices that will work immediately. This is little or no time for correction and improvement.