Anti-Corruption Chpt 6 Prevention

Here I will start with a simple explanation of the risk management process. In the modern event, unfortunately, corruption should be in the risk matrix. I’ll demonstrate how to use this and the likelihood/consequence diagram. If you are impatient for this, then you can find a brilliant (yes I wrote it 😉) explanation of risk in this free manual. Without a systematic way to do this, the solutions will be patchy and never really able to improve from event to event.

There is plenty of information in areas outside of the event sector about the prevention of corruption. These can easily be adapted to events, given the issues described in the chapter 2 Events. For example, with regard to the event team and volunteers:

Rotation of duties – in particular for procurement to avoid long term relationships, as this is a source of bribes, extortion, conflict of interest, collusion and many more.

Selection methods that may include scenarios  of corruption such as accepting a bribe and the consequences. This may also test the applicant’s integrity.

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