Anti-Corruption procedures for events

Here is a sample of the eleven chapters of a new manual/textbook I am writing on preventing corruption in events. These include festivals, concerts, conferences, exhibitions, special events and the like. The book will be released at the end of the year.
I encourage you to send your experience of this to: events at . Corruption devalues the whole events sector and disadvantages honest and fair companies and people. We can minimize it. But we need to hear of the experience of people in events.

The chapters are:

1. Introduction and scope
2. Events: sector growth, private public partnerships, project corruption
3. Ethics: integrity, intent and consequence

4.1 Bribery 4.4 Extortion 4.7 Gifts
4.2 Collusion 4.5 Nepotism 4.8 Money laundering
4.3 Conflict of Interest 4.6 Fraud 4.9 Privacy/data breaches
4. Types of Corruption found in the Events Sector

5. Risk tools: ISO31010, latest research (as a virus), A.I. outliers.
6. Prevention and event policy
8. Identification
7. Consequence
9. Legal environment (around the world)
10. Governance
11. Vulnerability Assessment Questionnaire (exposure to corruption)

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