11. Vulnerability Assessment

Questionnaire on exposure to corruption

This chapter is a series of questions an event team can answer to uncover any vulnerable areas of their event and management to the risk of corruption. It is based on the work of the UN, EU and others and adapted to an event project team.  The output from the questionnaire should be the Anti-Corruption Policy for the event.

The questionnaire is not exhaustive. It is derived from the many UN documents and related documents and websites (see references), as well as  the experience of the author and colleagues around the world in the events Industry. It is a start and, as the corrupt are forever resourceful, it must be adapted and expanded for the specific cultural environment and the event.  The event organisation should rate their vulnerability in the areas described using a scale of 1 to 10. The lower the mark the more vulnerable the event is to illegitimate activity. At the same time, the rating indicate to the event team, the sponsors and the hosts, such as the local government, the level of good governance of the event.