Anti-Corruption Chpt 4.4 Extortion

Extortion is the purposeful demand of an action, goods or money using the threat of violence or exposure of illegal activity.  Extortion is one of the possible consequences of bribery and other corrupt practices. It is one reason corrupt practices are trade-able. As stated before, the act of bribing an official can be used to extort more money from the person giving the bribe and the official accepting the bribe.  In the event business extortion can include threatening to expose a sponsor or the event team to adverse publicity in exchange for favors , such as tickets, money or services. 

Once again the deadline is the issue. The extortionist can, for example threaten to create negative publicity over the internet and social media. The event team will not have enough time or social reach to negate the effect. Extortion is well hidden as indicated by the cyber extortion of companies and Universities. The full extent of this unknown, but there are indicators of many major payoffs. The cost of the loss of reputation is more than the cost of paying the extortionist.  It is worth nothing that this type of corruption i.e. extortion using the cyber world, creates a risk to almost every event around the world.