Crowd Management Maturity table

The Crowd Management table is the start of this maturity model. As befitting a dynamic and evolving sector, this table is a work in progress.

Characteristic: do they do or have:
Accurate audience demographic data and audience numbers prior to event (draft numbers)  and during the event (exact numbers).
Crowd Management plan including:
– Capacities for each area of the site.
-Site map with crowd flows at key times with
access and egress places.
-Audience demographic.
-Barriers and other crowd flow control methods.
-Possible onsite risks and their treatment.
Use crowd management planning tool such as DIME-
ICE, identification of pinch points and the ‘last mile’
Emergency management plan.
Crowd health and medical plan.
Evacuation plan with assembly areas.
Security plan.
Central Operations Office area with; police, security and CCTV.
Emergency Operations Centre.
On site communication plan including emergency
Crowd management training for all staff and volunteers including:
onsite decision making and
situational awareness.
Links to crowd management information such as
Feedback and analysis to improve crowd management with incidents, near misses and recommendations.
Maximised on-site technology to identify and
communicate crowd dynamics.