Ideas for Pittsburgh

One of the event concepts

This year, 2018, in Wheeling West Virginia, the second year class at the Event Management School proposed events and festivals for Pittsburgh. The students are highly experienced event organisers, managers and coordinators from around the USA and Canada.  They formed teams to look at one aspect of Pittsburgh – in this case the troubled neighbourhoods.  Using their vast knowledge and experience and the project/risk management taught at the School, they put together proposals for the city. Detailed concepts, marketing, project and risk plans. Including site plans, schedules, resources lists and budgets.

Where did they come form? here is a sample

Burlington, Vermont; Wilmington, Delaware; Keller, Texas; Dayton, OH; Shoreline, Washington; Washington, DC; Greenbelt, MD; Raleigh, NC; FRUITA, Colorado; Lexington, North Carolina; Missouri City, TX; Westfield, Indiana; South Riding, Virginia; Augusta, GA; Eagle, ID; Richmnond, Virginia; Centerville, Ohio; Augusta, GA; Newport, Rhode Island; Yankton, South Dakota; Herndon, VA; Detroit, Michigan; Florence, KY; Lynchburg, Virginia; Addison, TX; Richardson, Texas; Clinton, MD; Gibsonton, FL; Murphy, Tx; Gilbert, AZ;


Another event concept. Completely supported by all documentation.

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